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Career Search Coach is a career services blog created by a group of former and active recruiters with the hottest steps and advice to get you back on your feet and land that dream job. As the unemployment rate closes in at 6.7%, here’s a career guide to help get yourself back into today’s workforce. With Career Search Coach, we encourage anyone and everyone to post about their strategies and obstacles that they have ran into while looking for work. Our mission is to get you all the resources and professional advice to help point your career in the right direction. There is a lot that goes into finding the right job, and with Career Search Coach and the help of others, we will unlock the top steps to your new career path. Career Search Coach will walk you through everything from your resume and cover letter, networking, building a professional profile, using employment agencies, acing that interview, job boards, search engines and plenty more obstacles to help you succeed. We have multiple links and answers that you’ve been looking for. This is a fantastic tool for anyone from a job hunter to a hiring manager. And with more then 20 years of being in the recruiting business, our knowledge is what you need to succeed in today’s tough market.

Ten most powerful career tips

Below are some of the most powerful and easy career tips that should help you land a position in todays job market. Whenever I get a phone call from a candidate that is looking for work I always run through these simple tips and make sure that they follow through on them. More likely than not, a candidate is always sitting around waiting for the phone to ring after they post their resume. Does that sound like you? What you need to be doing is going above and beyond what you think you already might know. There’s a lot of competition out there and the last thing you want to do is sit around and wait for a recruiter or a hiring manager to give you a call. You need to be out there networking and getting on the phone with past colleagues, recruiters, and hiring managers pitching yourself and seeing what may be out there work related. So please take some time and look through these tips and really ask yourself how many of them you are actively doing.

Ten most powerful career tips

1) Great resume and cover letter – Make sure you always have one on you even if you’re not looking

2) Create a Linkedin Profile

3) Get on a major job board (Monster, Indeed, Career builder, Dice)

4) Make a list of 30 companies that you would like to work for

5) Search Indeed for those companies and see if they are hiring (advanced search)

6) Use Linkedin to find out who is in HR at those companies

7) Call directly into the companies and pitch yourself

8) Network – Call a former colleague, close friend, or career counselor.

9) Find a good Recruiter in your space. Make sure they specialize in what you do

10) If you can’t find any work start your own consulting business or try and get a contracting job

Job boards and search engines

Job boards and search engines

Below are some links to the major job boards and search engines that you should be using. When using these boards, recruiting agencies and corporate recruiters have the ability to look at your resume and alert you if they are interested in having a conversation. You will also be forwarded jobs that match the key words in you resume automatically.

Monster is my favorite website to post a resume, but Indeed is the best search engine to view jobs. Indeed is kind of like the kayak of the job search engine world. They take every other major job board and filter the positions into their website. When using Indeed make sure you use the advanced job search link below the find jobs tab. There you can filter any title or company that you would like to see in your search.

Now if your trying to go around a recruiter to see what the name of the company is from the position they posted, here’s a simple tip that sometimes works. Usually it says at the top of the description “our client” instead of the clients name because they don’t want to disclose that information. So what you do is, cut and paste after “our client” which is normally the “about us” section on the companies website. Take that, and paste it into google and you might get the actual companies name since it matches the recruiters description. From there, you can apply directly to the companies website under the careers tab.

Below are links to major job boards -

Search Indeed below to help find you a job -

what where
job title, keywords or company
city, state or zip jobs by job search

Building a professional profile

Building a profesional profile

Building a professional profile on linkedin is essential to finding a job in todays market. Linkedin is the world’s largest business social networking site. With linkedin you can build a professional profile that resembles your resume so that anyone you are connected to can see it. This is a great way to connect with hiring mangers and recruiters as well as people in your work field. LinkedIn is currently available in eighteen languages and is the largest professional network on the Internet in over 200 countries.


1) When building a professional profile you want to make sure you network with as many people as you can. One good way to build up your connections is by contacting anyone that has a [lion] next to their name. These are people who have an open network. What you want to do is put [lion] in the people search in the upper right hand corner then press enter. This will pull the “Lion” up then all you have to do is connect.

2) Go to advanced search in the upper right hand corner and press enter. This will take you to a page where you can narrow down your search. Put the name of a company in the company section then HR in the title section and put your zip code in the zip code section then press enter. This will bring up everyone who is in HR from that company. You could also just put HR in the title section and not the company along with the zip code and that will bring up everyone in your area in Human Recourses.

3) Join Linkedin groups to connect with more people in your field and get the latest updates in your workspace.

4) Put your email address in the personal information section so that way Recruiters can contact you.

5) Make sure you have a strong title that is relevant to what type of position you are seeking. This way when a recruiter does a search and puts down your title, your name will pop up in the search.

Below is a link to Linkedin - Build your professional profile today.

Using employment agencies

Using employment agencies

There are certainly benefits to working with employment agencies. The Recruiter at the employment agencie has the ability to get you in front of a hiring manager better then anyone else in the business. If you have never used a Recruiter before I suggest you do your research and find out which staffing agency is best suited for your needs. Recruiters act as your agent and they have the ability to get you the most money. Remember, the recruiter is always looking to get you top dollar because they make a percentage off your base salary that the company pays out. Don’t worry this money does not come out of your compensation. When using an agency you now have the flexibility to carry on with your life while they spend the time looking for your next employee. This is very convenient if you have a family. Always make sure you are honest with your Recruiter about your last compensation and your education. I have seen recruiters send candidates out on jobs and make it to the final round of interviews only to not get the job because they lied about their salary and or education. It’s always better to be upfront with them.

Below is a link to employment agencies all over the world


Resume and Cover Letter

Resume and Cover Letter

The most important part in landing that job is to have a great resume and cover letter. This piece of paper represents who you are without the contact of a recruiter or a hiring manager. Below are some strong tips to enhance your resume and cover letter by helping you gain a valuable edge on your competition.


1) Use effective titles – In about 5 seconds the employer can make a decision on your resume just by reading the title. You want to be as descriptive as possible by making sure the employer gets a strong understanding of what you have done with your last employee.

2) Use key words -When using key words in your resume this allows the Recruiter or hiring manager to find your resume when they do a database search. It also helps for when the system scans it in the agency portal. You want to use nouns that relate to the skills that an employee is looking for as well as action verbs to make your resume look more attractive.

3) The set up – What comes first on your resume education or experience? Put the most impressive part of your resume first. You want to put down what sets you aside from other candidates. You would never put your college down first if you did not finish your degree. You would put that last to hide it. If you have an MBA you would then put your education at the top. When listing your position make sure you put contract or consultant if you weren’t working at that employee full time. This will make it look like you haven’t jumped around so much.

4) The Heading and summery – Make sure you have all your contact details at the top of the page with your name in bold writing. Please don’t save your contact information for last which I have seen done.  The summery should be next. The summery highlights your experience and background that the reader may have missed or discounted.

5) Proof Read – Make sure you proof read your resume twice then have a friend or family member look over it. One small error could cost you the job.

Stand out from the rest -

Cover Letter

1) Summery – When writing your cover letter you want to make sure that you write about your skills that are a match for the position you are applying for.

2) Interest – Make sure that you write about your interest in the opportunity and why it would be a great fit for you. You can do this by relating your background and how it relates to the position you are applying for without it looking like your resume.

3) The position – Tell them where you found out about the position as well as the name of the role that you are applying for.

4) Your background – You want to let them know what you have done in the past and how it relates to the position you are applying for. Let them know about your strengths and achievements.

5) Thank you – After expressing your interests you want to thank them for their consideration.

If you need to see a sample resume and cover letter, you can always do a google search for either of them in the google search bar. All you have to do is type resume and cover letter in the google search bar and hit image.

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Know your work space

Know your work space

It is important to know your work space and the positions that you are applying for throughout your career. Over the years, I’ve had countless amounts of candidates applying for positions that their resume doesn’t even come close to portraying. This could be a big waste of time and completely out of the candidates league. I’m not saying that one can’t jump from one work space to another works space. I just think they need to go about it the right way. You should start by joining a meetup group in the work space that you are trying to jump into. You could also try taking a free class or join a web blog that talks about the field you’re interested in. Ask questions and network! You need to get more involved in the space before you start applying for positions that are way over your head. I would suggest to do your research and read up on the craft that you are looking to take on. It also wouldn’t hurt if you have a good friend that’s already in that work space. It’s all about networking and gaining more contacts in life. You also might want to talk to a recruiter that specializes in what you do or what you are looking to do that is different from what you are working in now. It’s also really hard to switch careers with all the competition out there. I just don’t like to see anyone waste their time looking for work that’s almost impossible to get. You just need to take the necessary steps to help you move from one career to another.

Acing the interview

Acing the Interview

Getting ready for an interview could be extremely nerve wracking. The most important thing to do is prepare as best as you can the night before. Below are some strong tips that will help lead you to acing the interview.

1) Do your research on the company before you go in.  Find out every little detail as best as you can. As in what products do they sell, Know who their client base is, how long have they been around for, who is the CEO, and look up the hiring manager on Linkedin to go over his or her background.

2) Be prepared to answer basic questions going back to when you graduated college. What did you want to do right after college, what were your responsibilities, What are your strengths and weaknesses, what was your biggest achievement, what was it like working for your boss, and why are you looking.

3) Go over your notes the night before. If you can practice with a friend or family member please do so.

4) Relax. Make sure that you don’t speed up the process and go with the flow. It’s always good to check in with yourself mentally and not get caught up in the moment. This is a really important step in acing the interview process.

5) If they discuss money in the interview you should let them know that you’re more interested in the opportunity and the growth that the company has to offer. Let them know that if you both agree to work together your sure that they will make you a fair offer.

Below is a link for more interview tips



Follow up after the interview

Follow up after the interview

Don’t be afraid to follow up after the interview. All too often candidates are actually forgotten about.  In today’s job market you must be aggressive.  The position could easily have 10 or more people interviewing for it.  One easy thing you should always do is, the next work day after your interview, send a nice email to the person you met with thanking him or her for their time and consideration. This thank you email goes a long way. If you don’t hear back within 3-4 days after the thank you email, fire another email out.  It never hurts to show that you are aggressively seeking the position. Your work ethic will shine right through. And if possible, follow up with a phone call. I can’t stress enough how important is to follow up after the interview. If you are writing an email make sure that you read through it a couple of times and use spell check. There are a lot of hiring managers out there that won’t hire a candidate because he or she had a typo in their email. This just shows them that you lack attention to detail. If you are working with a recruiter you also want to make sure to follow back up with them as soon as the interview is over. It is very important that you get in touch with them as soon as possible so that they can express your feeling to the hiring manager. This will also help get you the feedback from the interviewee that you’ve been waiting to hear on. Most times the hiring manager won’t let you know how the interview went until you hear back from the recruiter.

Pitch yourself

Pitch yourself

When searching for a job some people like to post their resume and wait for someone to reach out to them. It is important to call into the companies that you are applying for and see if you can get the HR coordinator or the Hiring Manager on the phone and pitch yourself. You can find out who they are just by using Linkedin. The hiring manager is usually the head of the department that you are applying for. I would call them up and pitch yourself by saying, Hi my name is John/Jane Doe and I’m a sales executive, web developer, Analyst, or Nurse here in NY, Chicago, or LA. State your title and the city that your from and then say, I was interested in the position that you had posted on your website or job board, did I catch you at an okay time? If no, then say is there a better time that I can call you back? If they say yes, it’s an okay time, then say, I’ve been working in this space for however many years and let them know some of your achievements and how you would make a great fit to their organization. What this does is, it introduces you to their company rather then just being another name on a resume. Now, let them know that you are very interested in the position and you would like to see if you could come in for an interview. Sometimes it is better to go straight to the source then use a recruiter. Any company that can save themselves money would be glad to hear from you. It is essential for candidates that are looking for work to go out there and pitch yourself. This is the best way to land a job and hunt around for what you are looking for. Don’t ever sit on the couch and wait for the phone to ring. It may never happen. Get out there and pitch yourself!